Doorbell powered, but just keeps resetting

I have my doorbell wired up, and the yellow light turns on, but it just chimes once, and then turns off, only to turn on again. It’s like it’s resetting every 10 seconds. Any thoughts?

What type of transformer do you have?
did you bypass the old bell?

It is the two wire version, and I did bypass it.

but what is the Voltage ?

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What kind of transformer is powering the doorbell? Do you have a means to check the power output at the Wyze doorbell location?

I just checked the voltage at the doorbell. 8.8. Hmmm

That looks to be your issue. Wonder if the transformer is underpowered or their is an issue with the wiring causing loss.


Some doorbells are 8v. usually the 8v transformers are multi tap though and will have a 16 v winding as well.
Show a picture of the doorbell transformer (should be in the basement somewhere,)


FYI, I had the same issue with the doorbell constantly power cycling and finally fixed it. My transformer was actually no where near my chime box. After I finally found the transformer, I saw it was wired for 8v instead of 16v. I changed the wiring to 16v and my doorbell is now working properly. I hope this helps others.

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I have a 10v transformer that doesn’t have another option, do I have to replace my transformer?

Looks that that is not going to be enough. Gonna need something with atleast 16v to the doorbell location.

Ugh okay I have a new transformer in the mail

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