Doorbell v2 chime controller

Got a new doorbell v2 and install went well, but the doorbell controller does not ring my mechanical doorbell. It is not a complex install, but cust service was of no help.
Anyone know what is inside the little black box with the red , white and black wires??
What are my options next?

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If you wired it correctly, it may be that your transformer doesn’t have the necessary power output to power all three and you need to upgrade your transformer.

Have you read thru the Doorbell V2 Knowledge Articles to troubleshoot? There are several wiring diagrams and an Alternate Wiring Method if your chime fails to ring.


You can use a multimeter on the chime in AC mode to check your voltage, you want above 16VAC.

Mine measured 17.8VAC and works. 24VAC wall mounted ones are around ~$15 if you need to replace it. It modern US houses they normally put it in the garage on the wall.

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Everyone has been correct about the transformer. Builders use the bare minimum on a lot a components. Although my transformer measured 18vac, that was no load. I just took delivery of a 24vac 40va transformer from amazon for $20 and my chime now works fine. The transformer was mounted in the garage on a wall.


Awesome! Glad you found a solution!