Wyze doorbell v2 question

I just replaced my two ring doorbells with two v2 doorbells. My current transformer was only 16vac 10va so I upgraded to a 24vac 40va. Everything is working fine but my mechanical chime is rated at 16vac 10va. Do I need a 24v doorbell bell chime now or is it safe to keep the 16v? I’ve only been able to find one mechanical doorbell chime online that is 24v. Also at first I didn’t install the chime controllers and everything worked fine but later I decided I probably should install them. The only problem is I can’t get them to fit inside my chime box.

Good question. I should’ve paid closer attention but I just checked and I have a 24 Volt Transformer going to a 16v chime. I haven’t had any problems at all. I can’t necessarily recommend you do it either, as I wouldn’t want to be liable for anything bad. I can only say that since you asked, I went and checked and I am using them this way since the VBDv2 launched with no problems. I probably shouldn’t though.

I use the chime controller on one of my V2’s and I don’t use it on the other.

If you’re using a mechanical chime, it will work fine without the chime controller, the main problem is that there is no surge protection to your camera. If there is a power surge and you don’t have the chime controller attached, it’s possible the power surge could damage your camera.