Doorbell install, yellow light only on press

Just installed my doorbell and turned power back on. Yellow light doesn’t flash but turns on when I press and hold the front button down. I have confirmed my transformer is 16v. Is it possible to have incorrect polarity? I’m not sure what the problem could be, it’s clear the doorbell is getting power, it just doesn’t blink and allow me to complete setup.

Following as I just received and installed mine but have no lights at all as if there is no power :frowning:

I have confirmed with a multimeter that my doorbell has power. My transformer is rated for 16v 10VA and it reads 18v at the doorbell. I’ve read this higher reading is common when the transformer isn’t under load and nothing is hooked up or drawing power.

I’ve reached out to support but have yet to hear back.

I hooked mine up, but once I turned everything back on I got no yellow light and same as you it’s as if I have like no power.

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I pulled out a multimeter/voltmeter and set it to 200V and tested a regular outlet to see 120 on the readout. Then I moved to my old transformer where I installed the fuse and read Zero. I was then able to find a break in a wire from being old and brittle and my installation. I cut out the bad portion of the wire and reconnected fuse and then could see 18V going to the back of the doorbell. Everything is working now.