Doorbell setup, 12volt ,yellow light flashes but not saying ready to connect, reset does nothing

setup not working with the doorbell…getting the doorbell to slow blink yellow on and off every 5 seconds but not saying ready to connect…audio clicking sound every 5 seconds from doorbell.

[update] i see that my existing doorbell shows 12vdc…can i step that up to 16 volt or something?

pressed reset button and nothing happens
pressed and held reset button nothing happens

how do i solve for this?

Having almost same problems. Want make sounds or read qr. done all they suggest but no go. Getting fed up fast. Unit must be bad,ready to return.

I’m pretty sure that you have to have a 16volt transformer so you’d need to replace the existing one. Not much else you can do there if the device isn’t receiving enough power.

I am having the same issue, just installed the doorbell today. It is getting 16- 18 volts AC not DC as someone said above. Slow flashing yellow but no “Ready to Connect” , no QR code scan. Does anyone from Wyze monitor these forums?

I had this exact problem because I didn’t connect the fuse to my existing doorbell chime. I connected it to the security system speaker from the previous owner thinking it was the doorbell chime. Make sure you connect that white fuse correctly!

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