At Installation Power-up WVDB1 Doorbell Cam doesn't Blink every second and no "Ready to Connect" voice

Wyze Video Doorbell WVDB1. Yellow light stays on for 7 seconds than flashes once the circuit breaker is turned back on. I believe a normal flash is every second. Reset doesn’t fix this. Doorbell doesn’t say, “Ready to Connect.”

Support said:
“1.Confirm the app is up to date.
2.Verify if other devices can access the internet using the same WiFi.
⦁ If yes, proceed to Step 3.
⦁ If not, reboot the router. If the issue persists, proceed to Solution A.
3. Check the signal strength.
⦁ If it is lower than 3 bars, the user may need to move their router closer to the doorbell.
4. Power cycle the doorbell.
⦁ Flip the breaker switch that is powering the doorbell to the “off” position, wait 10 full seconds, flip the breaker switch back to the “on” position.
5. Factory reset the doorbell.
⦁ Press in on the doorbell while also pushing it up to remove it from the backplate. This exposes the back wiring and setup button.
⦁ Press and hold the setup button until the status light turns solid yellow.
⦁ Once the light turns solid yellow, release the setup button and wait for the light to begin flashing again.
⦁ From there, set the doorbell up again as if it were a new device.”

I tried all these steps. App version v2.42.5(294). Other devices can use the same wi-fi. I have four bars signal strength. Did a power cycle. Did a factory reset. Status light never stays solid. It still blinked every seven seconds. Purchased 5/15/2023. Model WVDB1 MAC: 7c 78.82 6e 77 06.

So, support sent to me another product. It does the same thing. My two wire exisiting door bell wiring works just fine. Can someone go support one better?

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What is the line voltage and current of the transformer you are using to power the doorbell?

Are you using a dedicated power adapter or an existing chime transformer?

Did you bypass the chime circuit if it is a preexisting chime?

To test if it is the doorbell rather than the power supply, try this… On the back of the doorbell, there is a rubber stopper cover that is sealing a microUSB port. Some users have stated that they were able to power up and install the doorbell using that port with a standard microUSB cord and power adapter. The doorbell cannot be installed using that port as it will void the warranty if left unsealed outdoors.

Thanks for your help! I’m not sure I understand all the terms in you reply, but here goes:

  1. The multi-meter for DC is strange: 0.0 volts. On AC it is 9. Current? 1990 miliamps DC? (Testing the two wires before I attach them to the video doorbell. (
  2. Using the existing chime transformer.
  3. I don’t think I bypassed. I followed the instructions in the app. I disconnected the two wires from the old doorbell. I connected those two wires with the fuse wire.
  4. The standard microUSB cord and power adapter works.
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It sounds like you have an issue with the power being delivered by the chime transformer to the doorbell. Since the doorbell works when on microUSB power, that confirms the doorbell is a good unit.

The doorbell needs to be receiving between 16 and 24 Volts DC power at a minimum of 10 Volt Amps (Volts x Amps). Since you aren’t getting that, I would start investigating why.

The doorbell cannot be run thru the existing chime circuit. The chime must be bypassed. The fuse wire is to be used as the bypass at the chime circuit. If you didn’t bypass the chime, that is a good place to start.


I think you are on to the problem. I didn’t explain it correctly. I removed the old chime entirely. It is in the trash. In its place the two wires are connected by the fuse wire, just like your diagram. The chime circuit has no chime. So, my next step is to find the transformer. Hopefully, I’ll find it in the crawl space. Then get a new one. If I can’t find it, it will be time to get my old chime out of the trash.
Thanks so much.

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