V2 Doorbell flashing orange but does not say "ready to connect"

I am replacing my eufy 2k 5 day continous recording doorbell with the wyze cam v2 and my 16v transformer worked perfectly fine with my eufy 2k doorbell but there was no chime controller with that. Instead it was a jumper wire and an external wifi chime box that would get triggered. With the wyze doorbell, I have removed the jumper cable and wired in the chime controller box. Right now the doorbell light is flashing orange but does not say ready to connect and when I press setup or press and hold the setup button on the back, nothing happens. It just stays flashing orange. I have tried all sorts of connecting and disconnecting to no avail so I am pretty confused on what to do now? Did I get a bad unit?

What is complete tranformer power? 16/10 or 16/30? Flashing orange means you do not have a wifi signal being received by the doorbell.

Check your wifi on the phone and network and insure they are the same and is a 2.4ghz network.

Others have posted connection issues with the dbv2 and offered solutions for transformer wiring rather than replacing the transformer. Search the forum for “Doorbell v2 connection issues” and see if you can find a workable solution. There are several postings. I have a 24/40 transformer with no issues.

Figured it out… it somehow physically burned my sd card that was installed and must have shorted itself out. My sandisk ultra 256gb sd card is now worthless… Anyway, I removed the card and it said ready to connect. Went through the setup process and reinstalled a new same 256gb sandisk ultra card and it works perfectly fine now…

@epr - Physically burning an sdcard is an unheard of event in Wyze cams to my knowledge. I’ve had a couple cards bricked and it interfered with tha camera’s operation. I would keep an eye out on the doorbell for short circuit issues in the future. You didn’t list full transformer power, 16/10, 16/30, 24/40? Digital or mechanical chime?

Although you figured it out, may have helpful info available for future from forum members. That event in the doorbell may have impacted it’s life span.