Doorbell Installation issues

Trying to install the doorbell and I hook up the fuse to the chime, and hook up the wiring…all good. The button flashes slowly and amber/yellow color, but I never hear it say ready to connect when going through the process like the App says it should. So I tried to skip ahead anyway and it never seems to scan the QR code either. Any ideas?

Press the reset button on the back, it will then flash and say ready to connect.

I have tried that, as well as power cycle. The light is flashing slowly as if it gets power then turns off then back on again. I am assuming the flashing is supposed to be fairly rapid?

It flashes fairly rapidly. I am having trouble getting mine to connect as well but different problem. Mine flashes fine, just wont connect to my WiFi

Yeah mine is not flashing rapidly, it is as if it is stuck in a power loop.

Ok, so the resolution to my problem was, my transformer was set on 6V/10VA, I adjusted the wires to 18V/15VA and it is working fine now! So the Power “cycling” issue was a low voltage issue.

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Many many thanks to SommerFamily6778 for the right advice for me. The flashing was very slow. So I went down to the basement where I traced out the ancient transformer that provided the current to the doorbell. It was hidden atop a supporting beam and encrusted with dust that I had to remove to see anything. All I know so far is that the transformer is “pre-war” - we have an old house. I uncovered the wiring instructions and rewired it to a higher voltage - around 14. Then everything worked. Although Wyze didn’t say so, the very slow flashing was a sign of inadequate voltage.

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