Video doorbell not happy

My wired video doorbell isn’t working with my old house wiring. Currently it partially chimes and illuminates the amber light for a couple of seconds and turns off. Repeating this in a continuous loop. What is the voltage that should be coming in through wires?

Video doorbell not happy

Maybe it needs to see a therapist to find out what it’s not happy about. :laughing:

Sorry, can’t help but the title of the thread just struck me as humorous and I had to play with it a bit. Seriously, I hope you do get a resolution.

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Hello @Mark.hunt and welcome to the community

The Wyze Video Doorbell requires 16-24 V on the wires at the back of the doorbell. If you have a multimeter I would check to make sure your voltage is in that range.


Thank you for your response. I appreciate the levity. :joy:

Thanks for the voltage. I will dust off my voltmeter. :+1:

Save yourself a little time and just get a replacement transformer.

Some of the doorbell transformers out there have multiple windings on them, one winding that is 8V, one that is 16, and one that may be 24. Usually they are labeled, with a Com terminal for one side and the other terminal having the tapped voltage, so if you have one of these and it is on the 8V screw, you might just need to move that wire to the 16V screw in order to make it work.

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I have connected my doorbell using 15.9 volts and 24 volts but the yellow light does not blink.