Video Doorbell Loses Power

I just went through the installation process about 6 times on the doorbell and each time, after the camera connects, it loses power… or appears to do so. No lights, no more network connection. Anyone else have this issue?

sounds like a transformer issue. what power does it output?

Looks like it is 16V. I have not put a meter on it to confirm but that is what the spec sheet says.

16v is good, I’d check it with a meter, it could be flaky. They’re pretty easy and cheap to swap out

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Thanks… I will give that a try!

Well, I tried Ken’s solution and replaced the transformer. Exact same thing happens. When I reach out to Wyze support, I am getting just canned “cut and paste” camera responses… not responses specific to the doorbell. Any other thoughts on a possible solution?

When exactly does the doorbell lose power? Are you making it through setup completely? Did you install the fuse wire?

I did make it through setup but it will not stay powered long enough to connect the chime. It is almost like it loses power when I connect the app… start live streaming. The fuse wire is connected.

2 ideas…

  1. Remove the fuse wire and just connect the 2 chime wires together and see if there’s any difference.

  2. Remove the doorbell and power it via the microSD on the back under the rubber seal. See if it stays powered.

Idea 1 … did the same thing.
Idea 2. It stayed powered on until I pushed the doorbell button. It immediately lost power as soon as I did that.

hmm, sounds like it could be defective. I’d contact support for a replacement

Thanks for all of your help Ken!