Doorbell has no power

I have a doorbell that has been installed for about 7 months. This past week it just stopped working. I have done the following.

Restarted the router and modem at the house.
Turn off and back the power (fuse) that feeds the area

I also tried removing the front plate of the doorbell and pressed and hold the reset button and it doesn’t make any noises or blinks any light when I do this.

I chatted with Wyze support and of course they blame internet speeds but thats not the issue. I have a Wyze door lock and a MAC (the one Im writing with right now) and they are both sitting right next to that doorbell and they get about 100MB down on WIFI. So support its no help at all. Any ideas what else I can check?

Im using IOS 14.6 and the app version is 2.22.32

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So the doorbell appears to be dead at the doorbell? No lights or anything? If so, do you have a meter to see if you are getting 16-24VAC on the back of the doorbell?

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I measure ACV and I got nothing from the cables connected to doorbell

Here is what the connection at the doorbell looks like

remove the fuse and check for voltage, very possible it’s blown

Can I bypass that white cable and connect the 2 blue ends just to check power?