1 of 3 wyze video doorbells continually loses connection, and needs a reset

I have three video doorbells and one continually moves to flashing blue after a week or so. I have to reset and reconnect to get it back. This is the closest of all three doorbells to my router, and of all three, the only protected from the elements (porch overhang). Any suggestions of what to check?

The distance to the Wi-Fi source is one factor, but what is in between the doorbell and the router? How many walls? Construction materials used? Household objects? These all play a factor in quality of signal. Have you tried moving that doorbell to a different doorbell location and put a known good one in this location? To see if the issue follows the doorbell or stays in the location? How are you powering all these doorbells?


My mind went in that direction as well. Thank you for the response.

  1. Less walls, less concrete block, less doors to the problem unit. Less household items as well. I used Wifi Analyzer at all three points and found the signal higher by a large margin at the problem unit.

  2. I have not tried to relocate. That was my next step after posting.

  3. all three doorbells are off of the same 1950’s transformer that powered the original doorbells/chimes

FWIW - The problem unit is the main front doorbell. It is the shortest run to the transformer/chimes. About 6 feet.

Thanks for the note. Does the problem doorbell go offline say when another doorbell button is pushed or used to live stream?

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I have this same issue. Any resolution? It’s not the distance to the router as the doorbell connects fine. But if I were to restart my router it will never reconnect.

@jseward311 are you using multiple doorbells as well or just having an issue with a single doorbell going offline?

Single doorbell.

Rotated the device, and the issue follows the device. Looks like its a bad unit. Possibly caused by heat?