Wyze Doorbell Wi-Fi Range

Is anyone having Wi-Fi range issues with the new video doorbell? I could not get mine to connect to the network until I put one of my 3 mesh router satellites outside near the doorbell. Then it connected right away. Once I moved it back, it lost the connection. One of the satellites and the main router are both within 15 ft of the the doorbell. I have a Wyze cam V3 mounted above the door right near it and that works fine. I have at least a dozen other Wyze devices all over the house as well an outdoor cam mounted much further away than these and no issues. I can only assume something is wrong with the radio. Oddly, the chime works despite the camera not being connected. That’s only 10 ft away. Maybe that’s Bluetooth.

Metal blocks WiFi. If you have a metal door/frame or aluminum siding, you’ve got a Faraday wall.

Likewise, older homes with wire mesh plaster lath block radio.

Door is wood, plus it has 10 in windows on both sides. Doorbell is separated from door by window. No aluminum siding or plaster mesh wall. Brick siding, but not behind doorbell.

Ran doorbell out to front lawn on long cables from doorbell wires where it had clear line of sight from upstairs router satellite, but no connection. Brought it inside, but needed to get within about 10 ft of router for it to connect an give clear video, but long delay in seeing real-time video. When I moved it to about 15 ft away, lost the connection. In the meantime, I mounted WyzeCam out side in place of the doorbell and it works perfectly.

Finally, got a response from tech support and they want me to go through all the steps for connecting the doorbell like I haven’t been able to connect it already, so no help from them.

I’m running a Firewalla Blue on my network, so I’ll see what happens when I shut that off, however, that may cause other issues. I have 7 other Wyze cameras as well as several outlets and other devices on my network and no issues.

Installed my doorbell this morning. My front door is similar to yours with windows surrounding it. I have not had any issues with connectivity. My closest AP is a floor below it and it is reporting that the doorbell has a signal of -62dBm right now,

I’m having similar issues, mine connected great during the the initial setup and worked flawlessly for about a day and a half. Now, it keeps telling me the device is offline and to check internet; like you all other cameras work fine. I did a total reset twice and it worked again but losses connection after a day. I tried restarting it this morning and now it won’t connect at all. I don’t believe it’s a WiFi issues, is has to be some faulty equipment in some of the doorbells. So disappointed with this camera , all the others have been so great.

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FYI, I got a replacement doorbell sent to me about 2 weeks ago. Worked like charm the second I turned on the power. Connection to the network went flawlessly. Definitely an issue with the first one. Unfortunately, the audio latency when someone rings the bell makes it useless for speaking with the person, however, the video and notification are working quick enough, even with HD, so I don’t know if I can blame the network speed…lots of devices connected.

Thanks for the responses to this and good lick to the rest of you that are having issues.