Wyze doorbell Wifi reception distance

hello all,
i have recently purchase Wyze Doorbell for installation at the yard entrance gate.

i didn’t managed to successfully install the doorbell as it was installed near the entrance gate - all the time it said “QR code incorrect”.

when i plugged DC power bank to the doorbell, and went closer to the router (inside the house) - the installation was successful.

now I’ve tried to walk towards the gate while holding the doorbell while plugged in to the battery.

at approximately 3 meter from the router (+a block wall of the living room) - the Doorbell stopped working and the video was stuck.

does anyone had this kind of a problem too ? the range should be much larger i think.

for example I have 2 wyze cam v3 that are installed outside approximately 10 meter far from the router (+the living room block wall), and they work fine.

What your WiFi strength at the exact place you plan to have the doorbell? Check the 3 bars in your phone, and see if it’s a strong signal.


I would download an app on your phone called a Wi-Fi analyzer or something looking at Wi-Fi intensity and see how good the signal is at the proposed location you want to put it at. And keep in mind that anything you attach it to could also interfere with the signal as well.

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There is something about this doorbell and its connectivity. My router is on the floor below and the wyze app shows 3 bars and it has constant authentication issues. Odds are that its not your network. Whats the firmware version on it? Theres a whole thread about .060 and authentication issues. Im on an old build and still have issues. My other cams connect with no problems.

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after many tests with the Wyze Doorbell connected to usb powerbank. i tried many distances from the WIFI router (i have mesh with 3 units). the reception of the Wyze doorbell is very poor - it need to be maximum 2 meters from the router to work, if i go little bit more then 2 meters - it loses connection.

the problem is that my garden door is at about 4 meters from the router.