Wyze Doorbell V2 unstable connection

I’ve followed all instructions for installing my camera, however, no matter what I do, I cannot get the device to stay connected to WiFi. When I first set it up, it worked for about a day, then went to permanently flashing orange unless I left my front door open (storm door still shut) for about 15 minutes, then it could get it to reconnect and show 2 bars of signal strength. I figured that the connection must not be strong enough, even though it would show 2 bars for signal when it was connected, but I decided to move a WiFi 6 access point as physically close to the door as possible to see it I could get it to stay connected.

The best I could do was to put the access point beneath the floor from the basement, just below where the doorbell is located. A total of about 6 feet away, albeit with a floor and door still in the way. I also gave the access point a dedicated 2.4 ghz SSID with it’s purpose to be dedicated to the wyze doorbell. And still, I can not get the camera to stay connected with the door shut. I was able to check if it was still connected, but not working, by going to the device list for the access point and confirming that there was no Wyze device listed, which ruled that out.

I have trouble believing that it is that sensitive, I connected to the new 2.4 ghz SSID with my phone, and I was able to walk over 100 meters away from the front of the house and still remain connected to the WiFi network, but a camera 6 feet away. Has anyone else found a reasonable solution to this?

Welcome to the Forum, @effreyj! Are you absolutely certain that it’s a radio signal interference issue and not a power issue? I’ve read elsewhere on the Forum that some cameras will have issues with connectivity and other basic features if they’re not receiving adequate power input, so that would be the first thing I think I’d want to confirm.

I have the same issue. I’m still trying to figure out what’s causing it. I suspect my router is trying to switch the doorbell to 5G but who knows.

Are you setting up the doorbell cam on a 2.4ghz network that the router and phone are actively on at the time of setup? It is not compatible with 5ghz or 6ghz wifi. I only know of 2 devices Wyze states as 5ghz or 6ghz compatible and the v2 doorbell is not one.


I don’t know why, but every day I have to power cycle the doorbell v2 to have it reconnect to WiFi. I’ve submitted a log to Wyze. Hopefully they can figure out what is going on.

What is the power of the original doorbell transformer? 16/10, 16/30, 24/40? Did you replace it? Do you have both a front and back doorbell? If both, did you wire in both controllers in the chime box?

I’m going to speculate that it sounds like a transformer issue, inadequate wiring or defective doorbell.

24/40. Brand new. One doorbell in front. One chime box that works ok. This is the second v2 doorbell Wyze sent me.

Interesting. I have a 24/40 transformer powering front and back doorbells and have never had power issues. Did you return the original doorbell back to Wyze? (When they replaced a defective cam v3 they did not have me do a return.) Did you replace the controller or keep the one already wired in? Does the transformer have own breaker or share with wiring in a junction box? Double check wiring connections in the chime box for tightness?

Are you using the chime controllers? I just installed two v2 doorbells without using the controllers and everything seems to be working fine. I also upgraded my tranformer to a 24/40. I also noticed my chime says to only use a 16/10 transformer. Will my chime be ok using a bigger transformer? It looks like all chimes are 16/10.

In the app, how did you set chime; none, mechanical, digital?

16/10 transformer won’t power both Wyze v2 doorbells with cameras active. Check the transformer and chime box occasionally to see if they are slightly warm, warm or hot to the touch. First 2 are ok, 3rd is not.