Doorbell pro not working

we need a way to

  1. know if device is working properly
  2. reset without unscrewing it every time

My device seems to be working. the blue light flashes when we are near front door, and it will connect live but there are no recording for a week.

we are in/out every day?? no mailman, no deliveries, no nothing recorded??

i had it off and topped up the battery 2 weeks ago. it seemed to be working.

there are no error msgs and there are no recordings.??? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

How about some type of flashing light on the chime when it is flashing blue but not sending video to the cloud???

or an error log we can access?

I can see missing a day but not a week??/

the doorbell pro will record on button push, but will not record for activity?

how do I fix this without having to deinstall it from front door again and again?
can we reset something at the chime?

i have tried unplugging the chime several times. it establishes bluetooth and connection fine.

Different functions. One is you are recording the live stream from the app directly to your phone of tablet, and the other is the device itself doing to work.

So that is the camera detecting motion, it is acting as it should. Are you looking in the event tab of the app for the event videos? What are your event recording and then your notification settings? What does your event tab look like? Are you filtering out the doorbell pros videos from view?