Doorbell pro button not working

I’ve had my doorbell pro since June 2022 and everything has worked just fine up until about mid Jan 2023. For the most part, everything still works but the button on the actual doorbell has become unresponsive. Motion detection, live video, indicator light (during detection), and setting a chime tone/volume all work. However, pressing the doorbell button does nothing.

Has anyone run into this at all? I’ve reached out to wyze support and was told that their engineers need to look over the logs but to keep an eye out for firmware updates that may fix the issue. Pretty sure support just doesn’t understand my issue fully…

Can you provide the following:

  1. App Version you are using
  2. Firmware version of your Video Doorbell Pro
  3. Type of Device you are using

When you say does nothing, can you expand some?

for example:

  • Do you hear a sound from the Doorbell itself?
  • Do you have VoIP selected as an option to receive a call when doorbell is pressed?

Have you removed the Chime from the outlet and then plug it back in so that it establishes the connection again? The doorbell communicates through the chime. Simple thing to try if you have not done it.

If You have VoIP activated, turn it off and try again.

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Hi Spamoni4,

Thanks for reaching out but my problem has been resolved for the moment. Wyze has issued a replacement module after trying some troubleshooting steps and not making any progress.

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