Alternative Wyze Bulb sizes and types: recessed, flush, fan, chandelier, mini, etc

I would love if you made a bulb for recessed lighting. Please consider.

Now that we have Wyze bulbs, how about downlights? :smiley:

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this would be great! most of my house is recessed lighting

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would love to see some bulbs sized for ceiling fans, most of my lighting is via fan or recessed lights.


I love the 2 packs of bulbs I received, I am hoping there will be more versions of this (as in the E12, chandelier size base) for future development. That would be awesome!!!


Outdoor Flood and Spot Lights (Screw in). Seems like the most natural complementary product especially within the overall security ecosystem. Needs to just be plug and play, screw in, say hi to the app and done. Mate that with a weatherized sense pir and it’ll be killer.


Would love to see BR30 bulbs in your lineup. I have a mix of both white and color in my house.


There should also be a light at the end of the tunnel.

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If they made candelabra (a12) bulbs, I would buy 5 boxes.

You can get adapters that will work!

The problem are my fixtures. An adapter plus the larger a19 bulbs just won’t fit :confused:

bulbs with a bayonet cap instead of screw cap, also for 240V instead of 120V. small changes in components (I would imagine) that would open up your international market?

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I have close to 30 can lights in our new house. I’d love to automate a couple of strings of 6+ can lights with smart BR30 bulbs. I’m tempted to buy 8 of WYZE’s new smart A19 bulbs but am afraid the recessed fixture will block the necessary signals although I’ve read that the wiring can also increase the signal (not sure that is true) … and I’m also thinking that the shorter A19 bulb would cast most of the light inside the fixture instead of down light like a BR30 bulb.

Has anybody tried to use the new A19 bulbs in a recessed can light?

Please make a GU10 bulb, 400 Lumen Tunable White LED WiFi, dimmable.

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Can you mfg/sell Wyze bulbs that are in Spot or Flood lights? Or how about an adaptor that would screw into the normal socket that would make any blub “Wyze-enabled”?

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I got 8 Wyze Bulbs during early access and I love them! I’d love to replace the other bulbs in my home with Wyze Bulbs, but they are recessed lighting fixtures and need can style bulbs… I can imagine that I’m not the only one?

Wait! Are you not supposed to use them in recessed fixtures?!?! I just ordered some to use in 6” recessed lights!

You can use them in recessed fixtures as long as they are not fully enclosed (using any LED bulb in fully enclosed fixtures will reduce the life span) but my fixtures have par style directional bulbs which I’d like to use instead of the regular bulb style…

Hope to see Wyze create downlight like what Philips has done.

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I got my four Wyze bulbs last week and love them.
In our sunroom we have (12) R20 standard bulbs and would love to be able to replace them with Wyze bulbs.