Soffit lighting

Looking for low profile soffit lights that are 4 or 6 inch. Can’t be regular can lights as the pitch of the roof would prevent installation. RGBW lights would be good for holiday lighting.

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Is your interest in these lights a request to Wyze (Wishlist item) or to the community to share their experience with soffit lights and recommendations?

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I would be interested in wyze providing the lights.

Right on! Check this out for adding an item to the wishlist. Or an @Mods could change your thread.
Your tagging is just in the general thread for the v1 light bulb.

I tried to edit it to show wishlist but it wouldn’t let me, but it wouldn’t let me, I will just create a new post in the wishlist.

All good. I flagged for moderation. One of the mods can move it :beers:

Does this topic cover your request?

If so, please add your specific thoughts there.