Are there any plans for a BR20 bulb?

Hi there,

Love my wyze lighting bulbs, strips etc., Are there any plans for a BR20 sized light ? Recently renovated space went to BR20 LEDs (non-Smart) in recessed housings. Would love a smart bulb to fit that housing. White, or coloured.


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Wyze has said that this year they are going to focus on Cameras and there will only be a few exceptions to anything other than cameras. In fact, they had several things on their roadmap as in-development, that they have recently taken off the Roadmap and moved to “Maybe Later” instead because they don’t plan to release them this year. They indicated that there will be a few non-camera products released this year, such as their Router Pro which they announced is coming sometime this year, and I think they’re also working on the Non-neutral Wire switch, which they said in the AMA is in testing, but there will be few exceptions like these this year.

All that to say that, IMO, Wyze will almost definitely not be releasing a BR20 this year during their focus on cameras. They might consider it for 2024 if there is enough interest in it, so I agree with IEatBeans, I would go post in that wishlist thread and let them know you’d love for them to consider it as soon as they get back to looking into expanding to other product categories again.


A BR20 bulb would be great. Many older homes and newer homes that were built pre-LED lighting would benefit from these. I’ve remodeled a lot of houses, and usually we go with an LED replacement fixture that pops in the old can. They aren’t cheap, nor are they smart. They typically have 3 flavors of white you can pick from with a switch, and once installed they are difficult to change. Anyone coming to market with one of these would be…“Wyze”. I’ll show myself out.