Wyze bulbs for recessed can and downlighting

Hello, I love the introduction of the Wyze Bulb. Are there any plans in creating BR30 Bulbs to place into Recessed Cans or into recessed lighting housing in the ceiling?


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Currently, there are no publicly available plans of such thing but you should definetely add it to the Wyze Wishlist (check if there is already a post about this first however).

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Also, a lot of houses have BR40 can lights as well… That could be something they could make down the road if it’s not too difficult.

@TSNJ, you can vote for this item that’s already on the #wishlist here.


I’d like to add my vote here, too. I am surprised there aren’t more requests for the BR30 bulb and can’t seem to find it on the wishlist. Most of the lights in our home are recessed can lights. Thank you for considering.

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You need to add your vote to the other thread…

Any further comments should be made in the #wishlist topic on this subject.