Candelabra and High Wattage Wyze Bulbs

Just got my Wyze Bulbs set up and I would love to see Candelabra (A12) size bulbs as well as Higher wattage (100w equivalent or higher) bulbs.

My house is full of candelabra, so I’d love these first. I really can’t be switching out all my light fixtures!

It’d also be nice to put 100w equivalent or higher bulbs outside my house or in the garage.

Who’s with me?


Welcome to the community, @wilkems. Both of those are already in #wishlist. In the future, please do a search in that category, and #roadmap to see if what you’re requesting has already been posted. :slight_smile:
EDIT: Almost forgot, please go to those categories and VOTE at the top-left of each one.

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I just ordered the Wyze bulbs so I have not tried this solution yet but I also ordered off Amazon some E12 to E26 light socket adapters…

[](http://Amazon Link)

I will confirm my results when all arrive and no I don’t make money off the link or the adapters! lol

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Hi everyone!

Got my new bulbs, tried them with the adapters and it worked just fine! Been trying different combos of using a light with a motion sensor to turn the light on with one shortcut and then off when the motion sensor clears with a second shortcut. Worked great so now when I get up in the middle of the night I won’t trip over a cat! Other combos to be tried later! - thanks Wyze btw!

I’m with you, but I’m not able to vote on your suggestion as advised below. I clicked on the links provided, but the only thing that came up was this post.

Since candelabra bulbs are not available, I decided to purchase digital controllers that are installed at each switch. You can program them similarly, but you must do it right on the controller switch. You aren’t able to dim or change the color temp, but at least the lights go on and off the way I want them to (most of these are outdoor lights). The other plus, is that they never malfunction like the Wyze ones occasionally do. A little more expensive, but zero frustration for sure!