Wyze Bulb

Is Wyze Bulb interior or exterior type of bulb and what are the watt and voltage specifications?

In the Wyze app, go to the “Shop” tab, then press the Wyze Bulb picture, and then select “Details”. All the information you asked for, and more, is available there. :slight_smile:

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Got it. Thanks the quick reply.

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You’re welcome!

No it doesn’t show details. It goes here https://www.wyze.com/wyze-bulb/

You have to do it In the Wyze app.

Thanks. I was reading my emails on my laptop, so I went to the link on my laptop. Never thought to go back to my phone. I really wish Wyze would do more that isn’t limited to mobile devices only.

Pre-orders are app only.

Are there any plans to make a smart bulb that has more lumens than 800? I’ve checked several manufacturers and they all seem to stop at 800 lumens. That’s just not bright enough where I need to use them.

Hope so. I’m in the same boat as you, I need brighter bulbs!

I purchased 1 pack through the app but I am realizing I would like to order more. Can I add on to my order?

Ordered my 4pk!! Couldn’t join the AMA…so asking here- any plans to have a IR/RF remote for the bulbs? (Like the WiZ one)? I’ve found it handy - when the Wifi is down or when the phone is charging somewhere

What I really want is to be able to trigger lights based on motion sensor activity (similar to what I’ve been able to do with X-10 devices for 20 years or so

I believe that is what they are doing at around 5:46 here.

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Are there any plans to make a PAR30 smart bulb, maybe with more lumens. Would really make the difference in swapping all my bulbs over to Wyze.

I like linking it to camera or sense as a security feature, but hope that it can go off after a given time frame like standalone motion detection lights

Can anyone provide information on whether the Wyze Bulbs can be installed in enclosed fixtures? Or is it recommended to install in open encloses?

The “What you need to know” just says “Do not use in a narrow or poorly ventilated light fixture”.


So same as all other smart bulbs. Really wish someone could figure out the heat issue so they could be installed in any fixture. So looks like I will have to continue to install small wall switches or remove my enclosures.

Thanks for the info.

In the AMA they stated that installation in fully enclosed fixtures would shorten the lifespan of some components because of heat.
They recommend only installing in open enclosures.

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