Wyze Bulb Available In Early Access!

We’re thrilled to announce our next bright idea - Wyze Bulb! Early Access launched today at 9AM Pacific (12PM Eastern) in the Wyze app!

If you have any questions about Wyze Bulb, fear not! We will be hosting an AMA (Ask Mike Anything) Live Stream today at 12PM Pacific (3PM Eastern) in the Wyze app. If you can’t make it, you can also post questions in the Early Access forum category (for those that participated in the Wyze Sense Early Access) or the Discussion tab in the Wyze app and we will make sure Mike gets to them during the live stream.

Thank you so much for your unending support! It means a watt to us. We cannot wait to see all the ways that Wyze Bulb will light up your life!


@UserCustomerGwen Didnt know how to join the AMA but will you all be releasing the smaller light bulbs that go in Fans? The ones where the base is a little smaller.

@prestonjezek The AMA is on YouTube. Just follow this link: Bulb Early Access AMA - YouTube


You can buy small adapters for that but i wouldn’t recommend putting smart bulbs in ceiling fan light housings if they are connected to a dimmer switch. I’ve had two smart bulbs go bad in my ceiling fan - they work great when the fan is not on but after using the fan for a couple days it fries the smart bulbs (and I never use the dimmer). My experience anyway.

It works in 220v? I know in the specs says 110v but maybe…


I am told that it will. :slight_smile:


Just pre ordered 4 bulbs (pack). One question: how will one program the wi fi password into it.

Through the Wyze app. Support documentation is forthcoming.

(NOTE: Please don’t cross post questions.)


I just ordered a 4 pack, not that I really need them, but I seem to buy all of your stuff because it’s fun.

I’m wondering if the bulbs have the very useful feature of turning on when power is applied. In other words, being able to control them from a light switch as well as over WiFi. Or maybe a double flick of the light switch to force them on.

These can not be used for primary lighting unless they can be turned on when you don’t happen to have your phone with you, or the network isn’t working.

And I’m guessing that we’ll be seeing a photo sensor in the near future, so the lights can come on after dark without having to adjust a schedule. Can a Wyzecam send an event when it switches into night mode? (Not in the same room as the bulb, or it will get into an on-off loop.)


What is the range of this light bulb appearance (softlight to daylight) in degree Kelvin?

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Couple of questions:

  1. Where will the scenes and schedules live - in the app, in the bulb(s), in the cloud, or some combination of the three? Wondering because I’d like to be sure that scenes and schedules will work even if my Internet connection or even my home network happens to be down at the time an event is scheduled.

  2. Will schedules support events based on sunrise / sunset?

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Can’t wait to try them when I get them. Really appreciate you guys (ladies and gents) awesomeness!!! Thank you for another great product, based on what I am seeing in the vid!!! Really and truly appreciate you guys!!! :smiley:

Had a question?! If the bulb went out for whatever reason, would it be safe to throw away without worrying that my username and password for my wifi, or other PII, can be pulled out of the bulb somehow? LIFX seems to have that problem.

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Like Scott asked, will these be able to be turned on and of with a regular wall switch? Also, since these can be mated to our cams and sense, is there a feature that they will come on when triggered by cam or sense, then go off after a predetermined time like a motion sensor activated light does?

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I thought I already was part of the early access program and how I got my Wyze Sense kit early. But apparently I’m not because I can’t get in on the bulb.

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Did you try through the app ? you have to order them through the app


Figured it out, thanks!


From what I’ve seen from all smart bulbs, they turn on when you flip the light switch but if you turn off that light switch then you have the issue of not being able to turn them on via voice/app/ifttt/etc until the switch is flipped back on.

This is the one big issue with all smart bulbs and just recently did I see news from Phillips/Levitron for a $40 fix but only for the hue bulbs afaik

You have to be careful with fans, when you flip the wall switch off with both the fan running and the bulbs lit, sometimes as the fan winds down the motor can act as a generator and produce strange unregulated voltages. The squiggly bulbs occasionally put on quite a light show. Probably not good for electronics, though.

Love the video. Great job not just bringing forth a product, but sharing your company community with us. I love buying a product from a company that values its customers and wants a truly great product, not just one that makes it to market faster. Thank you Wyze!!