Wyze Bulb Setup & Review

:wave: Hey all, I made a review on the Wyze Bulb which includes brief set up instructions on my YouTube Channel. I upload new content weekly and would appreciate the support. I tried to make it shorter than my last Wyze product review. Like and Subscribe if itโ€™s what you are into. I appreciate :pray: anyone that takes the time to read this post or checks out this brief review and setup tutorial. Glad to be a part of this awesome community, thank you all and may your homes be Wyze :raised_hands:


that was a really really good review! good form sir. my one tech nerd critique would be to show the range of the color change of the bulb and the fact that by sliding, the color change is seamless and smooth and not changed in โ€œblocksโ€ of different levels. but thatโ€™s is all I ave to say. I look forward to you posting a review of the smart plug that just went into EA.

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Thanks @Bam :pray:t5: , I appreciate the feedback too! I pre-ordered the plugs from EA. Will definitely be doing a review on those too!

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