WYZE BULB COLOR Review | Want a smart color bulb? Get this

Here’s my take on the Bulb Color. Let me know what you think guys! Thanks!


I really like the way it shows subject changes in the playback timeline, so if you’re discussing a part of the product I’m not interested in, I can just skip to the next section instead of feeling tempted to just end the video. That is a great thing to keep doing. The way you speak is excellent (energetic, holds the attention, etc). Your review itself was pretty good and covered most of the stuff most people would care to know.

I think Wyze said somewhere that they are working on changing how device groups work btw, so your negative about V1 and V2 bulbs not grouping may get addressed eventually.

I know the whole criticize Wyze for offering a ton of new products recently is a popular thing for everyone to complain about everywhere, but I don’t think it’s really relevant in this situation, though others would disagree and think it should be brought up at least every 10 seconds. I just think the review should be strictly about the bulb itself, not necessarily all the company politics and pandering to those who feed off negativity and drama. Still, it is an equally valid opinion, though if a reviewer is going address topics like this unrelated to the products functionality, then it seems fair to also input Wyze’s response to the criticism (you can read a transcript of Wyze founders’ response to these concerns here, or watch their video response):

Personally, I recommend just focussing on the product in a review though so that people stay focussed on your review, the product, how well you describe things and are engaging (all true), rather than discussions getting distracted and off-topic about the company in general and people going away from the review distracted from remembering that they liked how well you described things.

Just my $0.02