Wyze Week 2022 - Lighting Day

Power up with today’s deals and switch on the savings.

It’s day 2 of Wyze Week! go.wyze.com/wyzeweek

This week is full of deals, giveaways, and events! You’ll find us hanging out to talk all things Wyze. Tune in to celebrate our fifth anniversary with us live!

Let’s talk lighting!

Join us at 2:00 PM Pacific for a special Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session featuring Wyze PM, Aman!

Head over to the Wyze Subreddit to submit your questions.reddit.com/r/wyzecam !

Don’t miss your chance to score prizes from Google Nest and Wyze today-only! Tap the link and earn multiple entries from the Wyze Week page. Good luck!

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I’m excited for the AMA today! @carverofchoice I expect you have a long list of questions? I got a few:

How exactly does the “local” control work?

Are there any plans for sequencing/animating groups or individual lights?

Are existing lights going to work with MATTER? Or are future lights going to?

Switches without a neutral wire?
3 ways switches?
Dimmable switches?
Mix & match the above?


I didn’t even know there was an AMA until I just woke up and I need to make a work call! :scream: I asked a few quick questions…wish I could’ve been more prepared though. :sob:

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Yesterday, the 24th, I saw the BOGO Deal for the Wyze Night Light, I was going to add this to my order today, and it wasn’t available.

Do you know if this is out of stock now? Or if it was a one day deal on the 24th?


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I am unhappy with how you are doing these “deals” that you are doing. I spent enough yesterday updating my cameras and when I go to buy 1 needed light strip today, I am getting charged shipping for that item. I understand you are having this all week, but if we are purchasing a large order on day one, a small order on day two, and a possible small order on day 4, we should have the shipping waved and the total orders for the week shipped out at the end of the week.

Also, I am seeing better deals for lighting yesterday than I do for the lighting day which was today. I really don’t get that. It seems like you planned this week very poorly.