Multiple Bulb Light Fixture

If I have a ceiling light with three bulbs do I need three Wyze bulbs or just one. The bulbs do not work independently of each other so I would assume if there is one bulb that goes on the whole fixture would have to be on. However, I haven’t found it safe to assume… Maybe it would be better to use regular bulbs and make the switch “smart”? (Changing out a bulb would be easier for me.)

It would be best to use 3, if you use one you would only be able to control one. Currently you say the bulbs do not work independently but if you replace them all with WYZE bulbs and leave the switch on you could very well use them independently or as a group.


For clarification in my mind, the wifi is controlling the bulb independently of the electric connection?? I don’t understand how if the fixture is on only some of the bulbs could be on (or if the fixture is off how any can be on).

power to the bulbs is parallel, not daisy chained, so if switched on or off all are on or off.
If 1 burns out, the others still light with this configuration.
1 wyze bulb will not make all 3 function as wyze bulbs.

As you said, options are 3 wyze bulbs or 1 wall switch…ooooorrrrr… add an inline relay control in the switch box like the shelly’s or the sonoffs (both work w alexa and I believe google, 1 does not work w homekit).
Shelly is not integrated into ifttt,
Sonoff ewelink is.

I just added 2 bulbs into a ceiling fixture, simply started the pairing on 1 but they both do the process to start, it is when you switch to the bulbs wifi connnection for pairing that you specify 1 bulb to connect, then finish the process with one and repeat with the next.

Just remember/jot down which of the wifi connections you already paired so you do not redo any you already completed

If the fixture is off, all bulbs will be off as they are not receiving power. This would also turn them into a dumb bulb as they would not be able to be controlled via the app.
With power on to the light the minimal power is given to the bulb to maintain the WiFi connection. At this point you can turn on each bulb individually or all 3 as a group via the app.
I hope that helps.

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Does that mean you need a different wi-if network for each bulb? I have a 6 light fixture, and 6 Wyze bulbs. Haven’t figured out how to activate them. One at a time on different networks? Do I need to take the one(s). I’ve activated out before I add another one?

Thank you in advance for your help. You seem to have figured it out!

I use a one bulb lamp to set up a single bulb at a time, then move the bulb to my multi bulb fixtures once set up. Once set up, add the bulbs in the fixture to a group and then you can operate all at the same time via app, given the power to the fixture is on.

If you don’t have a single bulb lamp, put only one bulb in a multi bulb fixture at a time, set it up and take it out. Repeat until all bulbs are set up then put all bulbs into the fixture together.

Here is my bedroom 2 group. The top control effects both bulbs in the ceiling fixture, whereas the bottom are the individual bulbs (this view shows once I click into the group).

Thanks Tony! That’s exactly what Kevin at Wyze customer service told me as I got impatient to get it done and called them. The only thing I would add is that you have to use a different network for each device/bulb.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply. I don’t know about you, but I’m having a great time upgrading my home to a Wyze one!

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Can you explain upon this? During setup of the bulbs, each bulb makes its own mini SSID that your device briefly connects to so it can upload your locations wifi info. Once connected and synced, the bulbs mini SSID turns off and the bulb connects to your wifi then shows up in your app. All my installed bulbs are now running on one 2.4 ghz network I have setup for only smart home stuff.

Unscrewing a bulb halfway can be used as a makeshift light switch for just that bulb. When I did the 6 in my bathroom, I put one bulb in and just screwed it in and halfway unscrewed two times to get it flashing in setup mode. As I completed each bulb I halfway unscrewed it so it wouldn’t show up as I moved onto the next one. Repeat for each bulb, then screw them all back in and you’re done.


Yep! That’s another good way of doing it for fixtures that are within reach. My multi bulb fixtures are elevated a bit so I didn’t want to do all that while tettering on a ladder or tippy toe on a chair. Wanted it all ready to climb up, change bulbs and get down before I went flying. :slight_smile: