Multiple 2019 bulbs in one fixture (close proximity) & rules

I have several bulbs in use but most are the “old version” the ones I’m referring to here are the new 2019 units (omg so much easier to deal with thanks). Since my late 70’s house is not four wire in most of the house the only way to easily add voice controlled lights is with a fixture that holds one or more standard light bulbs. Fortunately three rooms of my house had a dual bulb fixture already. I have yet to test to see if this problem also occurs with the original bulbs but it’s happening with the new ones in my hallway. I like to have my hallway light on dimly as a night light so there’s a rule that they go on at sunset and off at sunrise, the problem I’m having is that I can’t seem to get “both” lights in the same fixture to honor the rule only one bulb at a time. I.e. the bulbs are called hall1 and hall2 if I set a rule for hall1 to go on at sunset and off at sunrise at 5% brightness it works properly. If I add a second rule for hall2 to also do the same then neither rule runs, it’s like the second lightbulb rule is breaking both and neither work. I admit I’m a little new to the Rules stuff but I’ve got other rules on other stuff working correctly so I don’t think I’m utterly stupid but my mind is open. What am I doing wrong? Seems wyze could come up with a way to group some things like lights or plugs under one name and that might make rules easier to handle. If I could have done the wall switches I would have but the wiring is old style and not the new wiring required to make those work, I wish Wyze would come out with a wall switch that can work on older wiring (i.e. no common) I guess I should feel lucky that when they remodeled they exerted themselves to put four wire on the kitchen ceiling fixture that one works great on a switch.

I have a 70’s house too, but it is fine for Wyze devices. Different local jurisdiction, maybe.

You don’t need a 4-wire system to use Wyze products. For the Switches you need a neutral, which some houses do not run to the switch box. To run full-time independent of the bulb, it needs both a hot and a neutral.

I can’t explain the issues you are seeing controlling 2 bulbs in the same fixture, but you can group both Plugs and Bulbs. I have a Hall1 and Hall2 bulb myself, and have them combined in a lighting group called Hallway. That is what the rule acts on; the Hallway group, and not the independent bulbs Hall1 or Hall2.

Ok so where can I read how to setup groups because I am not seeing that information where I’m looking apparently.

It all starts with the Plus (+) in the upper-left corner of the Home tab in the app:

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