Light Bulbs!

So I got two 4-packs of Wyze light bulbs. My living room takes 3 and my dining room takes 5. I started with the dining room, turned the lights off, changed the bulbs, followed step by step, BUT ONLY ONE LIGH BULB IS CONNECTING and I have no idea why! I’m getting super frustrated.

Ps. I’m not the smarted girl when it comes to stuff like this

Hello @garevalo0420,
Did you try to setup the bulbs one at a time in a lamp first?

Also, see this thread for troubleshooting your bulb setup:
Bulb Setup

In the room closest to the WiFi router try setting up a single bulb at a time.
In a typical 3 bulb fixture unscrew all bulbs, screw in one Wyze bulb, do the 3 flick dance and set up.
Remove (or unscrew a bit) the one that you just setup, put another in. Repeat the dance.
Repeat for each bulb.

New inexpensive technology can be a pain.