Several questions from the newb ..... setting up two bulbs in one space

Hope I did this right. I have been slowly setting up my home network and I’ll say that usually the Wyze devices are the most trouble free device I’ve come across yet (go wyze!)

This setup is a bit different…I have a storage building in my backyard, according to a signal tester i’ve got about 50% signal where the building is. The workers put two wyze bulbs in the 12 ft ceiling (which might be the whole issue) and I’m trying to set them up at the same time because one switch operates both bulbs. I’ve done this in the house, a few of my ceiling fixtures have two bulbs it worked no problem so I suspect the storage room might be getting hiccups from several directions. One the building is metal and then they are quite high up I can’t get too close to them with the phone for setup and it’s also about 60 feet from the room with the router. I can usually get one bulb setup but not both before pair mode times out. The annoying thing is that i get one setup with the correct network then when I try to go to the second bulb setup the network I want doesn’t show on the available list. My IP is century link and I have their new wifi6 mesh Greenwave router and yeh I know how a lot of these devices don’t like mesh because the network name is not separate but i also have an older tech tp link wireless N 2.4 Ghz router running and that’s where the dozen plugs n bulbs (all wyze) are connected already. I’m probably going to have to take the bulbs down and pair em someplace else but trying to avoid that since my old butt is not in any shape to climb a ladder that high if I don’t have to. I’m wondering if there’s some sort of limit to how many devices can connect to a router without annoying issues and disconnects. I read that Android has some sort of issue with disconnects (to do with cloud connection) that people using ios don’t experience i hope google gets on fixing that because i really am not thrilled about overpaying for an iphone just so my home network is more reliable.

So I suppose my question is…do you think i’m having issues because the bulbs are 12 feet in the air and the phone isn’t close enough or do you think some of it might be that I’ve got maybe ten devices already connected to the same router and it’s too many or something? When you connect to the wzye access point will each bulb’s ap name have a different name or can the same one be used for both bulbs (sometimes i get only one wyz ap name and sometimes there are two). It’s confusing. One last comment, for whatever reason where I live when we lose power it tends to hop three times which tada disconnects every single one of my bulbs from the network, This doesn’t happen with the plugs thank god, Can you change the pair code to more power hops or maybe add another step so every freaking brownout doesn’t cut all my bulbs off the network? LOL it’s funny to think about but annoying. Thanks for any and all comments i’m pretty tech savvy but when you play with something new every little tidbit of info helps with the level of understanding.

If you’ve got 2 bulbs on one switch, you likely need to set up the bulbs one at a time: install only one bulb and set that one up. Then remove that bulb, put the second bulb in and then set that one up. Once both are set up, you can then re-install the first one in the second slot. This will be true especially if you have to flip the switch on and off to enter setup mode.

If that is not the issue, you should set up the bulbs inside, closer to the router, and once set up move them to the new location.

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you might be running into a limit on the router itself. ISP supplied routers are notorious for limiting connections on their routers. from what I see there are three sub models for that router but i cant find a connection limit which sometimes isn’t listed. usually the limit is around 25 connections or so.

what are you speaking of here? I run android and nothing out of the ordinary comes to mind.

it wont make a difference overall if you have a quality router that is reliable. :slight_smile:

if the bulbs are close to a metal roof that could be impeding your signal to the bulbs some. I’m going to have agree with @towelkingdom in that you are more than likely going to have to set up one bulb at a time and then place them where you need them.

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This may be the disable mobile data during setup. During the setup process when you connect to the bulbs temp wifi, if you phone doesn’t detect internet from that wifi it’ll drop in favor of mobile data. If you disable mobile data, it should stay connected to the phone for the setup process to continue.

Does it tell you the quality of signal? With the metal of the building, that could be adding interference and making a disrupted signal making it hard for the bulbs to understand what to do.

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