First Wyze Purchase - having major issues with lights

So I’ve been excited about the brand for months. The wife and I just moved and found the need for some smart lights. I convinced her to get the Wyze bulbs for our master. Kind nudge her into going full Wyze.

These bulbs have been a nightmare. All four go into our ceiling lights in our bedroom. I connect one and any others I have go offline.

Don’t know what’s happening and it honestly is making me sad for the brand and dissuading me from wanting to buy more. Let alone the wife.

If anyone knows how to resolve this it would be greatly appreciated!

Bought lights. Have four in one room. I connect one light the others go offline. Need troubleshooting help before returning and never buying Wyze again.

Welcome to the forums! Looking for some clarifications here:. What type of Wyze bulb? What type of fixture? Are the bulbs set up yet? What type of fixture? Is that fixture in a dimmer switch? What type of network hardware are you using? How many other wifi connections are there on your system? Anything else effected by this? Thanks in advance!

The forums here are a pretty good unofficial support source, but if you wanted to go to the official route I’d suggest sending an app log along with contacting support to start a ticket because they have some diagnostic tools I might be able to get to the bottom of this.


Also, are you trying to set up all at once? Try setting them up one at a time, in a single-socket lamp fixture, preferably close to the router. Then take them to the bedroom.

For future reference, how far is the bedroom from the router? Are the bulbs being installed in metal cans?


I am trying to set them up all at once. I’ll remove them and try one by one in a single lamp.

The router is in the bedroom and they’re going into a glass dome.

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This worked! Thank you!

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