Wyze bulbs more than 1 at a time

Help with setting up 2 or more bulbs at a time instead of individually. Makes setting up on ceiling fan alot easier.

Welcome to the community, @Jjaviermorales91. This is not possible with the bulbs (or plugs), because the setup devices (phone or tablet) can only connect to one WiFi network at a time. Part of the setup requires the app on the setup device to connect to the bulb’s temporary network to pass it the network information for the WiFi you are trying to connect it to. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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Yes but could there be a set up where you select multiple bulbs and then they individually set up to the network just so theres no confusions on which one has already connected?

I have a light on either side of my garage, then one on my front porch. They are all on the same circuit (dusk to dawn switch). I could see no reason to have that many lights on all the time. I was going to install toggle switches at the base of the two on my garage, then I decided to go with Wyze light bulbs. I ran into the issue of multiple lights on the same circuit.

I finally figured out how to do it. I would screw in one, program it, verify it worked, then unscrew it and repeat the process for each bulb. Once I had them all programmed, I screwed them all in and it worked great! Right now, I have them all scheduled to turn off, right after the Christmas lights (on a Wyze plug) come on!