Porch light problem: Setting up 2 bulbs on one hardwired switch

I have two porch ceiling light sockets controlled by a standard wall switch. Got out the ladder, screwed my new Wyze bulbs both in, put the ladder away. Followed the instructions to put the bulbs into setup/pairing mode by toggling the switch. Both begin pulsing. OK, good. I can set up the first one. Happy I am. But the PROBLEM: when I toggle the switch to put the bulbs in setup mode to set up the second bulb, I lose all settings in the first. This shouldn’t happen since the setup mode does appear to time out after about 40 seconds. So the simple feature should be: if a bulb is put into setup mode but does not get a wifi connection and times out, it should retain any previous settings it had. This would allow one to easily set up multiple bulbs on one switch.

The advice I got from the Wyze support chatline is literally “you have to get back on your ladder, unscrew one bulb, set up the other, then re-screw the second and unscrew the one that you set up, then set up the second, then re-screw the first.” I feel re-screwed.

Reading this forum I see other references to setting up multiple bulbs but apparently no one else was as put off as I am ? Maybe having to get a 16 foot ladder out multiple times will make you grumpy.

Wyze techno geniuses: Is this something you can fix?

By the way, not knocking the chat-based support. He was as helpful as he could be and very courteous. And, yes, I still love all the Wyze products we’re using in my home.

Screw in one bulb and do the complete setup. When one bulb is completed, unscrew that one bulb and screw in the second, and do it’s setup. Once the second is setup, screw in the first bulb and you should be good to go… OK, Wyze already told you almost exactly the same thing. Also, sounds like a helper who can turn the switch on and off would be helpful.

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Set up the bulbs individually somewhere other than the porch - like maybe in a lamp next to your recliner. After the setup is complete move them to their final home.

Edit; I don’t own any bulbs so this may not be a workable process.

:slight_smile: no, you’re right - that would work. I was just griping because I had already installed the bulbs in our high archway porch and it’s 17 degrees outside and I had to drag the ladder back out to remove the bulbs so I could set them up. I set them up using a lamp at the kitchen table, then trudged back outside and reinstalled them. All good now.

But I had no clue when I first installed the bulbs (and nothing in the Wyze setup instructions told me) that you could not set up two bulbs if they’re on the same switch. I’m hoping a firmware fix will show up some time in the future. Doesn’t make sense that the settings are wiped out if you go into setup mode and let it time out and don’t even connect to the bulb’s wifi. Capisce?