Dual bulb light fixture...?

Hey there fellow wyzers! I’m new to the community, but wanted to see if this has been done before. I am sure it has and likely an easy way to get around this. Anyway, I have a dual bulb fixture in the den of my house and would like to add 2 wyze bulbs and group them to add settings and such. But it seems I’m having difficulties when getting them both connected to my wyze app. I can get one bulb to connect, however when trying to program the second bulb, that’s where the problem is. They are both on the same switch obviously, so when I flip it on/off 3 times, the second time through the first bulb is trying to connect again and it’s messing me up. Should I simply unscrew the first bulb a little bit so I don’t set it back into wireless connect mode? Will that work? Thoughts/feedback welcomed! Thanks!

Either set them up in a single bulb fixture first or set them up one at a time in the dual bulb fixture, for example set up the first, then remove it and set up the second, then put the first back in.