Wyze Lamp Socket - Different size sockets please

The new Wyze Lamp Socket is a great innovative accessory! However, many outside light fixtures use candelabra size bulbs/sockets, usually 2 or 3 sockets to a lamp. Would be helpful if there was an option to obtain a Wyze Lamp Socket in a smaller size for this type of application.

While you are waiting, do you have room for a bulb socket converter? The socket uses an E26.



Does anyone have any experience with the Wyze Lamp Socket? I would be grateful if someone can let me know the dimensions of the socket to see if it fits my light socket. How do I use this lamp socket as a smart socket? I do not see any app in the Wyze website for a lamp socket.

Exactly; this Socket is for older home and wont work for the newer one with 2 or more socket per lamp, thank you TinkerMan

The light socket increases the height of the bulb about 1-5/8", and the diameter is 2-3/8" (about the width of a bulb).

The light socket becomes an accessory to the controlling cam V3 it powers. So it operates the same as a Spotlight accessory, from the V3 accessories menu.

Wyze Lamp Socket / Camera Bulb for B22

For YEARS I’ve been searching for (and begging Wyze) to create a product that will allow me to monitor the outside of my rental home without the need to install wires or drill holes.

I had originally hoped for a high quality Wyze “Security bulb” – A simple light bulb with an inbuilt Wyze camera and WiFi. This didn’t see the day of light but the next best thing did: the Wyze Lamp Socket. This is PERFECT. It allows me to simply plug my camera into my outdoor lights– wonderful! However…

They only made this for an E26 fitting. This fitting is incredibly uncommon (at least where I’m from, I’ve never seen a bulb that supports this in my life, other than the occasional generic bedside table lamp).

I’d love to see this same product in more variances, B22 is what is mostly used in the Southern Hemisphere.

Tldr; A B22 variant of the Lamp Socket.

Wyze builds for America, which uses the E26. Do you have room for a socket converter?


Candelabra connection for V3

Will you make the E26 Lamp Socket available in E12?

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I purchased an adapter similar to this:

E26 to E12 adapter on Amazon (1)


E26 to E12 Adapter on Amazon (2)

for use with the Wyze Bulbs, I don’t see why they would not work with the socket either.

Providing possible alternatives to help out.