Candelabra (b11/e12) to Stndard (e26) adapter

My porch light uses b11 bulbs, will getting the below adapter converting b11/e12 to e26 work with the wyze lamp socket?

Candelabra to Standard Base (E12 to E26) Light Bulb Adapter

I used those at my in-laws and they worked fine. The only thing to note is that the bulb will sit a bit higher


How did you get yours to work?
When I try to use the adapter with the wyze lamp socket I do not get any power to the cam v3 via included cables.
I know the adapter works as I can remove the wyze lamp socket and attach a e26 bulb and it lights up with no issues.
I also confirmed the wyze lamp socket works with connecting it a lamp I have inside the house.