No Tips, Just Tricks ? The Jury is Rigged ! OG Cam n Lamp socket!

Just like missing a wide open net, in GM 7 of the Stanley Cup.

I thought my Wyze OG cam, would work with my Wyze lamp socket and (less than 30 w) dimmable bulb.

I need all 3 to put my mind at ease, on a possibly faulty V2 motion sensor.

I spent half an afternoon running up n down my basement steps, trying to get all 3, to work.

I finally checkef in the forum and was crestfallen, to read they work together like oil n water.

I thought I had read just the opposite.

Not to be defeated, I remember, that I had a 2019 Wyze bulb, left. (Bought 8 in 2018-19).

So I combined all three. (Wyze, bulb, socket & OG cam)

So far, they all test out fine upstairs (I have a dust allergy), so enough with testing down stairs.

This is my pot luck solution. (since I already have all 3)

It might not be yours. But at least I can determine, if that V2 motion sensor, is good, bad or needs new batteries ?

If, it blows up in my face (as in, it fails) I’ll report back, to ya.


Not sure what you are asking here, but only the fixed-view V3 cam is capable of controlling accessories like the socket.

The motion sensor should tell you if the batteries need replacing, and good or bad you can look at the Rules history to see if it, in a Rule, is registering anything (Accounts tab > Rules > History tab [some delay there].

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Will do Thx !