Works Wyze white Bulb in Europe with 220V?

I red on the Wyze Site that Wyze white Bulb works in Europe, with 220V.
I burgh a pack with 4 units, from Amazon USA.
Item model number: ‎WLPA19V2-4PK
I have installed them, upgraded but after ca. 10 minutes switch off and not coming online again.
The question is, it really supports 220V in Europe?

Wyze Bulb White (WLPA19V2) working voltage is 120V - 60Hz and is engineered to North American E26 base standard, not EU E27. While the bulb base will physically fit (1mm screw diameter difference), the overall screw length is inadequate increasing the risk of an electrical arc. I.e., the distance between the neutral and live contact is too short to support EU voltage. Bulb White also does not meet EU safety standards, so any damage from use will most likely result in harsh penalties.

Wyze Bulb White

Is Wyze Bulb able to work with 220V?


Thanks, you should make it clear, because the old Bulb worked with 220v. That’s why I order, now is just rubbish.

Do you have a link to where this was stated on the Wyze Website so it can be reported to Wyze and changed to avoid confusion in the future?

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can wyze make a 220v version? for a few or not all the products?

also can wyze make the white bulb 1600 lumens?
800 lumens is like 60W incadecent light too low
it will be awesome.


Yes! Please vote for and/or comment on this existing wishlist topic:

Multi Voltage Products

Please add your use case/comment to this roadmap topic that covers ideas for next-gen Wyze bulbs:

Alternative Wyze Bulb sizes and types: recessed, fan, chandelier, mini, etc