Window candles?

Would WYZE consider making plug in low voltage window candles? Specifically LED, wi-fi. Many people ( myself) have window candles (12) year round. Battery ones dont last, sensor type dont work ( when the light comes on, the sensor thinks the sun came up and shuts off) and the 110 volt, 6w bulbs cost. It would be nice to program on/off times and brightness, maybe color and blink for alarms such as a break in, etc. Anyone agree?

You can get 5w LED Candelabra bulbs for about $1.50 each and plug them into a smart plug for scheduling. At about $10 each for the smart plugs, it will probably be about the same cost as what a candelabra smart bulb would cost.

At any rate, different sized smart bulbs, including Candelabra, have already been requested in the #wishlist. Follow the link, vote at the very top, drop some hearts :heart: on posts you like, and add a reply at the bottom if you are in the mood.

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You could use the sensor type and just cover the sensors and leave them on.