Wyze Plug - Connected to?

I recently got two Wyze Plugs and wanted to know what people have them connected to? I am interested in getting some ideas on how I can use these.

Christmas tree/lights.
The daughter has some aesthetic lights in her room that plug into one as well.
Table-side “Dumb” lamps
Wyze cams… so they may be restarted remotely
Space heater

Just a few… I only utilize the top 2

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I have two connected to table top oscillating fans, and one connected to my K-Cup coffee brewer.

I thought about connecting one to my Keurig but it won’t make the coffee unless i press the button, right?

I have one of my Wyze smart plugs connected to a plug in wall sconce light. However, I have multiple smart plugs from other brands from way before Wyze came out with them. here’s just a few,

Smart plug on both my white and blue aquarium lights set on schedules.
Smart Plug on a plug in air freshener also on a schedule.
Smart plug on LED light strips up in a soffit of my living room.
Smart Plug on some under cabinet down lights in the same soffit.
Smart plug on a Himalayan salt lamp.
Smart plug on my main outdoor viewing camera so I can reboot it remotely if I loose access.
Smart plug with built in dimming function on a floor lamp that has 4 Edison style LED bulbs

All of the above are also Alexa Voice enabled and I have several more smart plugs on other plug in lamps and lights that I couldn’t easily use smart bulbs in due to style, size, etc.

Dang it! Your post made me order 2 more! Had not thought of the space heater! It’s a 10 amp draw so should be fine.

LOL sorry! works great for me.

Keurig works with a microbot attached via smartthings hub for me… Microbot 50 bucks, It literally physically pushes a button.


  • Lamps which use multiple bulbs or non-standard sizes.
    (Otherwise, Wyze Bulbs are nicer because you can dim them and adjust the color temperature)
  • Christmas lights / string lights in backyard / etc.
  • Portable dehumidifier/AC
    (I use one on a dehumidifier. It has an adjustable thermostat, but it’s very loud, and sometimes I’d prefer to shut it off while I’m in the same room.)
  • Oscillating fan
  • Dumb coffee maker
    (As long as it will turn on when connected to power)
  • Connected TV devices
    (Again, anything that will turn on automatically when connected to power. I have a Chromecast and bias lighting plugged into a Wyze Plug behind my TV. My TV is a “smart” Roku TV, so when I tell Alexa to turn it on and off, she automatically turns on/off the Chromecast and bias lighting, too.)
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My newest plugs arrived today, so now my electric heater is connected to a plug. Added it to my leaving home and bed time Alexa routines that make sure it’s off!

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