Side by side plugs

Could Wyze plugs being side by side cause them both to turn on at the same time? We have 2 small coffee makers on 2 wyze plug at the same receptacle. Mine is scheduled to turn on at a certain time. My guest’s waits for an Alexa command. I’ve gotten up a few mornings now and both are on.

I don’t see how. I have 3 Wyze plugs side by side on a power strip each being turned on\off by rules, schedules and Alexa routines. They have never activated incorrectly.


Side-by-Side and turn each other on? Unlikely, in my opinion. Hard enough to get them to reliably come on when we want them too. LOL

We know Alexa app won’t let them be named the same. I think you need to look a Wyze rules or Alexa routines that may be turning the other one when one is intended.

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One guess - the guest wakes up bleary eyed, doesn’t bother with an Alexa command, and fumbles at the physical switches for both plugs to get the coffee going.


If your using Wyze rules check rules history and see if it shows them both coming on because of the rule


Lol. That would more likely be me, but not my guest. I’m first up by an hour or more. The first morning, I thought maybe she turned it on via voice and then fell back to sleep. But it’s been 4 days now. I mean, it doesn’t seem likely, but I struggle for another explanation.

I’ll check that out!

I have all 2021 CFH plugs. They are used to set my Thermostat Home/Away/Sleep state, activate my external and internal security sirens, and my leak detector siren.

Each is operated from Alexa Voice Command Routines, Wyze Rules, and device timers.

Mine have been absolutely rock solid and have given me no reason whatsoever to doubt them. I trust them more than my cams for sure!

Also check the device settings to be sure there isn’t an onboard schedule already set in the plug. When those execute, they won’t show up in the rules Hx.

I use my Sonoff S31’s to turn my Wyze plugs on. LOL

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I have got to look into those. Been hearing more about them and they seem to be very stable.

Here is a question. One of the limitations I am finding with the Wyze Plugs is that they cannot be used as triggers in any Alexa Routine, only actions.

Can the Sonoff be used as an Alexa Routine Trigger?

ahhh, no. And I don’t know why. And I had not thought about it until you asked. I’ve dozens of routines. and use all types of sensors, contact, PIR, motion. I can’t think of a reason that I want a wifi plug/switch to be a trigger. honest. Why would I want/need that.

If you are serious about looking at Sonoff, look beyond the S31. Its good, I like’em, but I like the Basic RFR2 and RFR3 even more. I like them even more. These are a WIFI switch, but you cut an extension cord into half and use the male & female ends on the “device”. Then plug it in. If you use a normal 3’ standard extension cord, you wind up with 3 plugs on the output side. (Love them). These have all the same features of a WifI plug, but are more flexible. AND, AND, AND, you can use a generic 433 MHz RF remote to turn them on and off. AND Sonoff makes an 8 button 433 MHz remote that’s <$7. So, you get a RF WIFI plug that locally stores the schedule for on/off, Alexa/Google support, Rules and Routine support. Manual on/off and app control.

And one more thing. Sonoff devices use the eWelink app vice their own app. The eWelink app supports NFC tags and scenes. An entire new category of controlling scenes and devices. And the NFC tags are generic tags, you are not limited to Sonoff NFC tags. Have you tried NFC tags? So very cool. VERY COOL.

(Am I allowed to find and proclaim something else cool here without being banished?)

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That does sound cool, if only iPhones worked with NFC tags :sob:

And yes your tottally allowed to share cool things you find. As long as it’s not plain advertising.

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iPhone does work. The key to success is the eWelink app. There’s is a “consideration”. Apple won’t let any trigger like an NFC tag to execute cleanly without a pause. What am I saying? I am saying this is how it works.

I have several NFC tags programmed in eWelink to run scenes. When I tap/scan the tag with my iPhone, a pop up appears at the top, like a SMS message. I have to select it with my finger for it to open, when I do, the scene executes. Really not a big deal. Does not “stop the show” Worth the extra step.

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The key for me is finding a plug controller device that CAN be used in Alexa as a trigger. Wyze plugs cannot.

I have 8 Wyze plugs on special duty assignments. I have 4 that are controlling my outdoor and indoor Alarm sirens (2 stacked for each), 1 controlling my leak alarm siren, and 3 controlling my Thermostat state. All can be used as action devices in Alexa so they can be turned on and off with voice commands.

But, for the 2 plugs that activate my Alarm Sirens, when they are activated by a contact sensor or motion sensor via a Wyze Rule, I need for those plugs to then trigger a host of non-Wyze devices via an Alexa Routine. For the 3 plugs that control my Thermostat, when they are turned on I would also like to activate non-Wyze smart devices. Since the Wyze plugs have no trigger in Alexa (or the bulbs for that matter), it makes doing this impossible.

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Maybe we will see plugs as triggers when the manufacturer integrates MATTER into their product.

The lighting products, including the plugs, are supposed to be the first ones with Matter compliance protocols.

But, word from Wyze is that this will be implemented on new device releases. I’m not sure how that is going to look for existing firmware updates so I am not getting my hopes up that all my existing plugs will ever get invited to that party.