Using Wyze plugs to set up Alarm system

I’m setting an alarm system up using 3 wyze plugs. Can I give one command “Siren” on Alexa so they all respond at once?

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Yes, you can create an Alexa routine.
first make sure that you have the Alexa skill setup then go to Routines → new → when this happens → voice → set what you want to say(Alexa,”what you want to say) → then chose your Wyze plugs in the smart home section. You may have to chose the plugs individually.


Thanks @Brlepage , that’s a good Alexa page I hadn’t seen before.

Though I think it needs an update for the new Alexa PD announcements and routines.

There’s a separate one here:


Thanks. But what the heck. Those instructions are terrible. Turning on PD announcements under Devices, Cameras is much, much, much easier. It’s a single slider under Devices, Cameras.