Wyze Outdoor Plug - Alexa Setup?

I just received the Outdoor Plug and it was super easy to setup in the Wyze app!

I am unable to connect it to the Alexa App(Samsung Galaxy S8-Android), though. Wyze isn’t listed under Switch or Plug, so I selected Other. I tried adding the plug in Pairing mode(which made it disconnect from the Wyze app) and it regular mode. Nope.

Maybe it will only connect to the Alexa App via bluetooth?
The instructions state, under Power Button Operations,
“Press the two buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds to turn on Bluetooth”.
Holding down both at the same time didn’t do anything but turn them on/off…, And pressing them both super fast, at the same time, for 5 seconds, also didn’t seem to do anything except for turn them on/off.

Am I missing something very simple?

The instructions are not quite right … hold one {either button} and the blue light stops blinking for maybe 2 seconds and then starts blinking again . That’s ok though right after it was in pairing mode and paired for me fine.

As for Alexa I didn’t need to do anything. Alexa just gave me a notification that Wyze Plug 1 and Wyze Plug 2 were ready.

After I installed my first Wyze device through the Wyze app I recall having to Add the Alexa skill “Wyze”. After that all new Wyze devices were basically added to Alexa for me automagically though sometimes it can take a few minutes for Alexa to make changes.

I just want to mention that this “Outdoor Plug” is freaken AWESOME !!! I got two and whish I had gotten more. They are better than the regular plug, have greater range AND they even log the energy usage … PLUS it’s two controlable sockets in one.

Great Job Wyze !!!

To get back on topic … try enabling the Alexa skill “Wyze” I don’t know for sure BUT I think it lets the Alexa app know about newly added Wyze devices. I checked and my Wyze Outdoor Plugs are all in the Alexa App and I did nothing to put them there,

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As noted, just as with almost everything, you need to install an Alexa skill to integrate Wyze’s products with Alexa. If you already have the Wyze skill linked to your Wyze account, you may need to tell Alexa “discover” and restart the app for it to find new devices.

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Go to devices under Alexa and see what you have in there. As others have stated you have to have the skill enabled and then have Alexa discover new devices.

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Any magic to make this work? I added the Wyze skill (which appeared to work fine) and told her to discover. Nothing found. Then went into the Aleza app and tried to discover Wyze plugs and again, nothing found. Am I missing something?
I have 32 Wyze cameras and four outdoor plugs. My main concern is the plugs since none of my Echo devices have displays. The Echos and Wyze devices are all on the same LAN, and the Echos have no problem controlling a couple of other brand switches that are also on that same LAN.

It’s fairly typical for Alexa to conclude it found nothing new but to still properly populate new items. Try going to Alexa, Devices, Cameras to see if the Wyzecams are there and try Alexa, Devices, All Devices to see if the plugs are there. One cool thing about Alexa is that it can optionally treat smart plugs as “lights”.

No, the devices don’t show up in the Alexa app - either the cameras nor the plugs. As I said, since I have no Alexa display devices, I don’t care about the cameras, but I would like to be able to control the outdoor plugs.

Success. I scanned again - this time searching for Wyze lights rather than Wyze plugs, and it found most of my cameras (including one that has not been powered up in several months), and all of my Wyze plugs.
Oddly enough, some of the cameras report “Wyze - Live view not supported” and some do not report that - and will show live view in the Alexa app on my phone. No consistency on type of camera, firmware, etc. - very random on that… Obviously won’t show video on my non-display Alexa devices…

Ah, that’s your “problem”. Don’t do that. Just tell an Alexa device, “Discover”. It should then find everything it can regardless of category.

That’s what I did the first and second time - first verbally from one of my Echos and the second from the app. Third try from the app was specifically looking for plugs and it found nothing. Fourth time was from the app on my phone looking for lights.

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