Plug Outdoor Setup Issue SOLVED

I recently (June 2023) purchased 2 Outdoor Plugs and both were failing the setup process over both iOS and Android Wyze apps. They would be discovered fine over bluetooth, I’d give it my 2.4Ghz network details, it would then give me the option of naming the plugs which upon clicking save would do nothing, but when I’d force quite the Wyze App the plugs would show up in the app but wouldn’t do anything and say they weren’t connected to wifi.

Another odd behavior of the plugs is after naming them in the app the plug itself would reboot every 5-8 seconds with the blue LED flashing fast and then slow until the unit clicks and the cycle would repeat itself. Like I said this was happening with two different units bought directly from Wyze.

After a lot of troubleshooting using both iOS and Android devices, here’s what eventually worked for me. I put my iPhone 14 pro max into Airplane mode and made sure Wifi and Bluetooth were turned on. Then made sure the phone was connected to the 2.4GHz Wifi Signal. On my TP Link Deco router I did this by finding my iPhone client in the Deco Wifi app and telling it to only use 2.4. For those unable to do that they could try walking as far away from their wifi router as they can go without losing the signal which should force it to 2.4GHz.

Next I plugged the 1st Wyze Plug Outdoor into power and pressed one of the on/off buttons for 10 seconds to reset the plug. Once that was done the plug was slow flashing a blue light and I followed the instructions for connecting to it.

On the iOS Wyze app (version above) when you get to the screen to name the plugs there’s a bug in the app where you press save and it doesn’t proceed to finish the setup like it does on the Android Wyze app. No worries, you can force close the app and restart it and you’ll see the 2 plugs in the app. At this point the plug needed its firmware upgraded so I went the Wyze app main menu, clicked Account, Firmware Update and then clicked to upgrade that plugs firmware… and IT WORKED.

Once the firmware was updated, I repeated the same thing for the 2nd Wyze Plug Outdoor that I have and the same process worked for it too. I’ll post this info on the Wyze Forum cause they need to be aware of what’s going on with this hardware and their App.

Hopefully this saves someone else hours of troubleshooting and talking to Wyze chat to no avail. Wyze support should be made aware of this as there’s a Reddit thread with other people experiencing the same exact thing as I and nobody new how to fix it.