Plug acting like a light

I have 2 Wyze plugs that are each connected to a small fan.

When I tell Alexa to turn say the Living Room lights on the Fan starts as well.

Alexa lets you define a plug as either a plug or a light. To facilitate using plugs to control lamps I presume.

All my plugs are defined as plugs so I am not sure why this is happening and further not sure if this is an Alexa or Wyze issue.

This has happened since the plugs were released across numerous Wyze app and firmware versions and numerous Alexa versions.

Any ideas?

That’s weird , I have 2 fans running right now and then I have bulbs and other plugs never had anything like that happen. I can turn the fans on as a group or individually
I don’t have any schedules or anything on the fans.
Do you have a fan and a bulb with the same word in it?
Oh wait you do , change the name, like leave out the word room name it living fan , or fan one or something .
I have my fans named , fan one and fan two

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I have the living room fan plug is named Living Room Fan. The lights are named Living Room Lights.

I can turn just the plug on by asking Alexa to turn the Living Room Fan on and it works. Or I can say turn on the living room lights and 6 out of 10 times it just turns on the lights.

4 out of 10 times it turns the lights and the fan on. I have a routine that runs in the morning that turns the Living Room Lights on and the routine works perfectly about 40 out of 50 it works correctly, 10 times it will turn the lights and fan on.

It’s weird. I even renamed the lights to be “Couch” for awhile just to have different names and no difference.

Alexa has a concept of Rooms and in the living room room are a motion sensor, two contact sensors, 6 lights 1 of which is a Wyze the rest are Hue, a Thermostat, a TV and Sound bar an Echo Show and a FireTV and an Apple TV plus the fan.

Only two of the lights and the fan get joined together sometimes for whatever reason.

Yeah, it seems like an Alexa bug of some sort. I had a similar thing where turning the lights off in my living room turned off my Roku TV at the same time. (Not connected to a plug or anything.) So I just removed the TV from the living room group in the Alexa app.

With me, it was happening consistently when I said “turn on/off the lights” but it wouldn’t happen if I was more specific and said “turn on/off the living room lights.” Not really sure why. But anyway, I’m pretty sure it’s an Alexa bug, not a Wyze one, since I’ve encountered similar behavior with Alexa and unrelated products.

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I would tend to agree. I have also posted on the Alexa groups. The thing that bugs me is it is not consistent. Usually that means I am missing something in my observations. But Alexa is full of, for lack of a better word, “oddities”.

This morning I asked her to turn on the bedroom lights. She sort of did, 1 of the two. I thought the other one had been manually switched off. But a few minutes later it came on all by its lonesome. I swear I heard it saying “wait for me”.

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When Alexa does something wrong, ask, “Alexa, what did you hear?”

Alexa’s reply will often indicate that it did the wrong thing because it interpreted your command wrong.

If it happens a lot, you can say, “Alexa, you got that wrong” and it will be sent to their support staff to get fixed.


I knew about asking, and I reviewed voice history as well. But I did not know about the “you got that wrong” option. That’s pretty cool to know thanks!

She is interpreting what I say correctly but I think @nerdland had the answer. I removed the plug from the room. Which caused my OCD to flare up but what the hey.

It’s definitely an Amazon Alexa issue not a Wyze issue. Since removing it from the room it has not turned on inappropriately.

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I have run into this with several devices where Alexa treated them as lights even though they were indicated as plugs/switches. Tried many troubleshooting ideas.

The fix that ended up working for me 100% of the time for about 12 devices was the simplest I tried. I simply changed the switch to light and saved it that way. Then changed it back. No longer treated switches/plugs as lights when I gave commands for a group.


I have not tried that but I will! Thanks!

Nice. That wouldn’t work for my smart TV, but it’s a good thing to try for a plug. :slight_smile:

Ok I changed it to a light. Saved it, and exited the room definition. Then went back in and changed it back to a plug. Now we wait!

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Had a short power outage last night about 4 am, it left my Wyze light, both Wyze plugs and 1 camera the only Pan I have, offline. The plugs were flashing, the Pan was powered up but unreachable and the light had come on but could not be controlled. I power cycled all and they returned to normal operation. Unfortunately it meant I could not test the plug with Alexa but will try again today!

A while back, I saw a UPS on sale. It got me to thinking, maybe if I put my modem/WiFi on UPS, all my cameras would have an easier time reconnecting after a power outage. The UPS itself doesn’t have much reserve power, after all, the modem isn’t a huge power user. It cost me about $30, about the cost of a Wyze V2.

I didn’t do any real tests, but I do know that I have a lot fewer connection problems …

That would help I think. I have a UPS for my “business“ connection. And it does keep the local network alive for about 6 hours which is more than enough for most outages. My “business” systems are all UPS equipped. But I never did it for the “personal” side. Worth a shot to be honest UPS systems have come way down in price so not sure why I have not.

Keep in mind that it only works on the last command. So if you say, “Alexa, what did you hear?” and Alexa answers with the wrong command, saying “Alexa, you got that wrong” will be for the ‘what did you hear’ command and not the one that was wrong.

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Ah, good point. Thanks for clarifying! By the way, making it a lamp and back to a plug has so far worked!