Wyze skill not working with plugs or bulbs on Alexa / Echo

After years of flawless performance, I’m suddenly having an issue where none of my 20+ plugs and 20+ bulbs, both color and white, are responding to Alexa voice commands. It says “The skill linked with [PlugName] is not enabled”. What gives? Anyone else had this issue? I’ve disabled and re-enabled the skill, logged in, etc. I’m at my wits end here. I’ve standardized on Wyze products but am having more and more silly issues. Seems like my investment in all these devices may have been in vain.

I’m not finding anyone with this same issue which is disappointing and concerning. If it will just fix itself I’ll be patient but it sure doesn’t seem like it will.

Anyone able to give some advice on this?

Thanks in advance!

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Yea move on time. BBB time and post re on Amazon

I have many Wyze Plugs as well as other brands linked thru their respective Alexa skills. I just tested my Wyze Plugs and they are responding to Alexa Voice Commands as well as Routines.

I did have one instance many months ago when all Alexa skill links were interrupted after an Alexa Update. I had to delete the skills and then reinstall and relink them. But, eventually they did recover. I have also read of others having isolated incidents with the Alexa App and Skills.

Since it doesn’t appear to be a systemic issue, I would keep trying.


Same exact thing.

Started about 2 days ago.

Echo show 10 working perfect for a long time now I’m having same issue, all my wyze cams, plugs and bulbs say server unresponsive and I’ve deleted the devices, factory reset, power cycled and restart the router multiple times. Has anyone resolved the issue? I posted on Amazon forums as well. My husband is non-technical and keeps yelling at Alexa turn the damn lights on, someone please help :laughing:

This is telling and my guess is that Wyze is abandoning their Alexa skill connections. I will try using Google Home next;

So good news! it’s fixed for now at least, I went into my Wyze app clicked on account then smart integrations, unlinked Alexa, restarted the phone and the Echo show, then went back into Wyze app and relinked the smart integration, and now it is all working again. Hope that helps someone else out.

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