Controlling Multiple Wyze Plugs at Once with Alexa

I am thinking of getting 2 Wyze plugs to control 2 lamps in my living room. If I do, is there a way for me to turn both on and off via a single command on Alexa?

For example, I’d love to be able to say “Alexa, turn off the living room lights” and then have her turn off BOTH Wyze plugs. Can they work this way?


Yes, you can do this. You can group the bulbs in the alexa app and give a single command.

You have to enable the Wyze skill, I believe for them to appear as devices in alexa.


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Great explanation @towelkingdom! You can group the bulbs and plugs. If you want to have the plugs in a group you will need to change the “device type” of the plugs from “plug” to “light”.


You don’t have to change device type for plugs with Alexa, you just add them to a routine, I have plugs and lights in routines and I did not change anything, I also have some of the same lights and plugs in different routines and did not change anything, I also have a routine where I can turn on 12 bulbs and 5 plugs with one word , two words to turn them all off


Yep, that’s another solution.

For me, I liked setting up my devices in groups based on rooms. So I can just say turn on Living room lights, and all the devices marked as a light in Alexa turned on (but non light devices remained off).


I have other groups for rooms also, that’s the great thing , you can have your devices in several different groups with their own command. Turn on/off one light or the whole room or the whole house with alarms for emergency etc. etc.
Some of my lights don’t have smart bulbs they are not capable for that , so they are plugged in to the smart plugs


yes you can and a little tip ,after you set it up you don’t have you say " turn off the living room lights " simply say 3 words, living room off/on


I have my plugs and bulbs sectioned by rooms like @towelkingdom. That way, I can walk into a room and tell Alexa to turn on the lights and she will only turn on the lights for that room. I don’t have to specify what room.