Wyze plug/Alexa capabilities

Questions about the Wyze plug and Alexa integration.
Here’s the situation…
I have two plugs. Call them light 1 and light 2. Both installed, connected to the Wyze app and working properly. They both are linked to Alexa and work through voice commands. Great!
Now the questions…

  1. If I group light 1 and light 2 and name the group “Both lights”, will Alexa also recognize the group “Both lights”?
  2. Will light 1 and light 2 still work individually on their on/off command with Alexa?
  3. If I set up different on/off schedules for light 1 and light 2 in the Wyze app, will that conflict with a schedule for the group “Both lights”?
  4. Assuming I still have the group ”Both lights” can I still select vacation mode for each light individually and have two random lights on/off?
    Typically whenever I mess with something that works, it’s usually ends up not working right when I finish.
    I’ve never used IFTTT and I’ve fail at creating rules.
    Thanks in advance.

I may be able to answer some of these

  1. I am pretty sure the group would not be recognized by Alexa, however you can have Alexa turn on multiple things by a trigger.
  2. Yes they can still work individually even if you have them in a group
  3. The only problem I would see here is if the settings conflict. As long as the schedule for the group and the schedule for the individual devices do not overlap you will be fine.
  4. You can still individually do vacation mode if they are in a group yes.

Did you ever figure out how to control 2 Wyze Plugs with 1 Alexa command?