How can I use Alexa with my Wyze bulbs?

I have 2 lights that hang over my kitchen sink, I have them grouped so that the 2 lights to act as one.
I call it “Kitchen Sink Lights”
How do I talk to Alexa to control the Brightness and shade?
I have 2 scenes created called: “Night Light” and the other is called “Bright”
How do I tell Alexa to set to “Night Light” or “Bright”??

Alexa doesn’t recognize scenes set in the wyze app

You can also set up routines in alexa ,with a phrase too activate the scene,

that’s disappointing to hear. Is there any plan to change this? I cant put a device in more than one group in Alexa, so I cant work around this that way.

Yes You can put a device in more than one group in Alexa and you can put a device in routines that is already in 2 different groups